For your peace of mind
– a lifetime guarantee from the Chairman

I personally pledge that every Spink & Edgar bed has been built without compromise, using the best materials available, by the most skilled craftsmen, using time honoured skills passed down through six generations.

To demonstrate our confidence in these high standards, I, or another member of our executive board will personally sign off your Spink & Edgar as it is about to be dispatched to you. We are also proud to offer a full lifetime guarantee against any default occurring through faulty workmanship or materials.

Not only do we offer this life time guarantee against poor workmanship or component failure, but eventually, when you feel the need to update your Spink & Edgar, we will take your old mattress back and fully recycle it, to get environmental value from it. The organic material is converted into energy to power the factory, and fertiliser to spread on the fields to help grow the next generation of Spink & Edgar mattresses.