Sustainable Future

A sustainable future

Having examined and refined everything that we put inside your mattress we then focussed on what makes up the fabric of the mattress cover. The mattress fabric – known in the industry as ‘tick’ – is spun from a new eco fibre called ‘Tencel’.

Tencel is an advanced, luxurious, super soft viscose that helps regulate sleeping temperature as it is many times softer and more absorbent than cotton; it is also inherently anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. The fast growing evergreen eucalyptus tree from sustainable forestry plantations provide the raw material for Tencel. Manufactured in a unique closed loop production process using a non toxic, harmless solvent, Tencel is a green, eco fibre of the future.

The new Spink & Edgar range is the first in the world to contain PLA fibre, which is used in our mattresses to pocket the HD spring. PLA meets the same strict quality and performance criteria as was used previously, but has huge environmental benefits when compared against oil based products. It is produced in a sustainable way and is 100% based on annually renewable raw material (such as corn starch or sugar cane).

The Revolution® spring is pocketed in breathable, natural calico and even the mattress label is 100% natural. Moving from the ubiquitous synthetic label is a tiny change, but another small step toward achieving our vision of a greener, more sustainable future.